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17 Ch. du Lac-chez-Médée
J0X1C0 Blue Sea , QC
1 Ch. Lacasse
J0X1C0 Blue Sea , QC
52 Ch. Fabie
J0X 1C0 Blue Sea
1 Ch. Georges-Turnbull
J0X1C0 Blue Sea , ON
38 Ch. du Domaine-Mont-Lac
J0X1C0 Blue Sea , QC
41 records found.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The booking and payment is done between you and the owner or realtor who listed the cottage. The website is only putting you in contact with cottage owners or realtors and all transactions are done off the website by your own means.

No. Only people who wish to show their cottage need to create an account to list it on the website. All interested candidates simply need to click the contact buttons to get in contact with the owners.

Waterfront Cottage Life does not manage response rates and the host will send you a message as soon as they can.

Go to page “Find a Cottage” and click on the individual cottage page you wish to contact. On each cottage page there is a ‘contact’ button on the right side within the box to speak with the agent or home owner. The owner will then follow up with you by email or phone call.

The currency is in Canadian dollars. Please use a currency converter if you wish to see the price in another currency.

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